Diar Karim

Postoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham

Welcome to my personal website! Here I will be sharing my thoughts and ideas related to the fields of neuroscience, robotics, virtual reality, haptics, and the future of immersive computing. On this site, you can find my scientific publications, code, and blog posts related to these topics. I am excited to share my thoughts and ideas with you and hope you find the information and resources here useful and interesting.

Thank you for visiting my website. 

Other Projects

Virtual Rehabilitation
Peripheral Nerve Injury
Softness perception with visual feedback in virtual reality
3D image reconstruction from aerial images 
Hand function assessment in Carpal Tunnel patients 
Visual search task in an immersive 3D virtual environment
Haptic assistance during an immersive virtual target reaching task 
Perception of object quality from haptic surface explorations on rough or smooth surfaces
TacTile App