In Orbit

In Orbit

This is yet another space based game for the lone wolves out there. I have only brought it as far as the basics, but my grand vision goes much further than the usual space battle game. My idea is to give every space player the opportunity to build their own homes, on asteroids that is. Players can also setup asteroid base stations with mining operations among others. Ultimately, you will be able to create a small community within your network of asteroids and be able to do the usual: trading, negotiating etc. And if all fails, you can always go to war, as usual.

In Orbit (image taken from within the game)Strike Base REVAMPED.png

At the beginning of the game, you escape a dying home planet in your space craft with nothing more than a bunch of basic tools, an AI assistant and a worker robot who can help you with the usual maintenance, occupy your asteroid of choice and help you with mining and building.

Strike Base REVAMPED 2. png

Once you find a place, you can setup a base station, a small town, a defense perimeter and factory, provided you have collected enough material resources.

Strike Base REVAMPED 5.png

Every asteroid will have unique qualities, such as natural resources, rare materials, as well as a “life span”. Furthermore, the resources will be either easy or more difficult to harvest, depending on where they lie within the asteroid.

Strike Base REVAMPED 4.png

Space battles are inevitable, but they are not at the centre piece of the game mechanics. The main focus is to build, trade, explore and discover asteroids, planets and hidden gems within the vastness of the universe.

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